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woman do not agree!Guzhu not have to ask the old woman saying? "Stood up, the mother is also looking at the Phoenix Flower, cold whispered to spend her mother this out loud, suddenly let Phoenix momentum weak down, spend mother's position in million drug Valley is very special, even if MBT Schuhe Phoenix is Gu Zhu, also could not help but do not pay much. "Guzhu, I, also opposed. "Flower mother lead, many million drug Valley Presbyterian also stood up, evil Cooma rebellion when many of these elders are chosen self-preservation, and did not participate, so the Phoenix did MBT Schuhe Kaufen not wash them, whereas the previous Dual Court invasion war, is relying on these elders million drug Valley and it did not quickly occupied.So many people at the same time open sound, Phoenix suddenly embarrassed, even if Phoenix is ??Guzhu, but not able to completely ignore the views of all those present, watching a crowd looking at myself, Phoenix one mbt sandalen kisumu damen time did not know how to do should , emotionally, Nie Feng Phoenix is ??want to help, but in fact, it does not allow her to do so. "Ladies and gentlemen, quiet look, listen Laoshen say something? "At the scene stuck into stalemate, when the priests that month came the hoarse voice, "We still remember what that place sign language?" "'Flooded Xuanjie earth, fire King Wu Ling Pro, god of the firmament break, really deep inflammation to the present. 'This is where a circulating in poetry, we still clearly remember? "Coughed after priest This month the crowd said. "Know, but what do they represent?This verse has been around a long time ago, but never knew what it means now you say priest month, want to what? "January priest heard the words, poison Emperor frowned on the moon priest asked. "Oh, please do not poison statue excited before, who do not really understand that this four verses in the end what it meant, but let go before the ban on Laoshen located looked, you guess what happens in the forbidden thing? ""What things? "May priests heard intentional guessing, flower mother is frowned up. "Prohibited place
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